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What you eat, drink and are exposed to each day can have a profound effect on your health

So many people think they eat a healthy diet, yet suffer a whole range of health issues. Some so-called 'healthy' foods can actually be at the root of your problem, because we have been led to believe they are unconditionally 'good' for us, yet we are not all the same. The food we eat today is often less nutritious than in previous generations, with residues of pesticides and processing additives, whilst vital trace elements are missing.

Digestion is a key factor in health and symptoms such as bloating, wind, reflux, food allergies, fatigue/exhaustion, weight-gain, autoimmune, skin disorders, and other diseases can result unless corrected. Digestion is vitally important as what we absorb each day in our diet, will affect every cell in our body and affect the way we look and feel.

"A truly good physician first finds out the cause of the illness, and having found that, he first tries to cure it with food. Only when food fails does he prescribe medication......" ~ Sun Ssu-Mo (6th century AD)

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), is the most common disease diagnosed by gastroenterologists and two out of ten people in the UK are suffering with it. Symptoms can vary, but typically can present as bloating, wind, abdominal pain, constipation or diarrhoea. Other symptoms can be nausea, anxiety and depression. Stress of course can further exacerbate, and quality of life can be affected to various degrees. Causes can be many, including dysbiosis, (altered gut bacteria), Sibo, (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), a high sugar, processed and low fibre diet, food intolerances, (I come across this often), medications including antibiotics, parasites, leaky gut, (gut permeability) and others.

It is most important when dealing with gut issues to find out the source of the problem in order to correct and restore gut and bowel functionality.

Please see at the bottom of the page health conditions that respond well.


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Make this the moment that you improve your health.

I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist and for over 26 years have helped my patients recover from debilitating health issues. In many cases a simple change of diet and minor adjustments can be all that is needed to make a significant difference to someone's health. I have a holistic and functional medicine approach addressing the root cause of health issues and focusing on the body as a whole, rather than on individual symptoms. Nutritional Medicine looks to correct metabolic imbalances that can occur, mineral imbalances and toxic overload.

The removal of accumulated toxins, together with a balanced diet and repairing digestive issues, allows the immune system to properly function. This results in the improvement of health physically, mentally and emotionally.

I specialise in gut and skin health, allergies, hormonal issues, autoimmune and fertility, and look at the interactions among genetic, environmental and life-style factors. These can influence our long-term health and complex chronic disease.

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Acid Reflux, Acne/Acne Rosacea, Allergies, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Autoimmune Diseases, Candida, Digestion/Bowels/Constipation/Diarrhoea, Emotional, IBS, Eczema, Fatigue/Energy, Fertility/unexplained infertility/Babies and Children's health, Hayfever, Headaches, Hives/Urticaria, Hormonal Issues, Joints, Menstrual Problems, Men's health, Nausea, Psoriasis, Pre-conceptual Care For Healthy Pregnancy And Babies, Recurrent Miscarriages, Respiratory, PMS, Rhinitis, Sinus, Skin Rashes and Skin Conditions, Toxic Overload and Weight.

The liver is a vital organ and has the unique ability to regenerate - it needs looking after. It is the second largest organ in the body and plays a crucial role through performing many complex functions that are essential for life.

I offer a simple test for liver function, and if your Liver Check score is within the recommended normal range or less than optimal, you can still make improvements to your health.

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"I feel incredible! My stomach is completely flat and since I've started eating what you suggested and taking the vitamins you suggested, I haven't been bloated, windy or constipated since. It's amazing!" (2 weeks after consultation)

"I am pregnant!! Thank you for everything you have done for us so far, it has been life changing!" (trying to conceive for 2 1/2 years and now pregnant, 10 weeks after first consultation)

"After only 3 days I am feeling so much better already! I feel like my stomach has deflated (i.e. no bloating) and feeling more refreshed and alert."

I am writing to let you know of my miraculous improvement! On the 30th December I developed a cold/healing crisis which I managed to overcome without any chest infection, antibiotics or steroids. I feared the worst when the cold started as my chest had been full of mucus for eight months and I just dreaded to think what I would be like. It cleared and it was better than it had been since last March! I have been able to cut down the Ventolin and hope to cut it out completely…

Mrs J C - Yorkshire

For several years I have suffered from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (Lupus) and for the last three years I have been under the care of a consultant rheumatologist. I am delighted to tell you that after six months of following your advice, my consultant rheumatologist has just said that I have no need to visit her again as my latest set of blood tests have proved that the diet is controlling the Lupus and I am now symptom-free. I am very pleased with the result and grateful for all your help!

Ms J P - Surrey

My daughter and I visited you in sheer desperation as she had had M.E. for two and a half years. She was so tired and depressed I wanted to try one more thing. After visiting you we excluded many things including wheat. Two days later she started to improve. One month later she was so well we agreed to let her go back-packing to Australia. She is back now, well and happy. On the odd occasion she eats wheat she becomes tired and lethargic until the wheat leaves her system. In September she will be able to take up…

Mrs J L - Surrey

I feel much better without the dairy products. All the pain in my legs disappeared after just a couple of days. I'm very glad I met you - it has helped me (and my boyfriend), more than we ever thought.

Ms N A - Surrey

After coming to see you 6 months ago I was doubtful that a new diet would allow me to live my life as I once did. Now I am happy to say that simple things like coping with a full day of work, not having headaches every other day and eating three meals a day which don't cause bloatedness are all possible. When I first visited you at the age of 25, I had suffered from glandular fever, irritable bowel syndrome for 2 years, migraines and considerable weight gain. Side effects of…

Ms P S - Wimbledon

I had to write to tell you I am feeling wonderful - "the works". Just want to say a big thank you. (This patient suffered Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

Mrs S D - Surrey

After 18 months of sleepless nights and tears and fights at mealtimes and little help from the doctors, we turned to Ann. She allergy tested our daughter and found that she was intolerant to dairy and soya and also deficient in Zinc. We followed Ann's advice and within 3 nights our daughter was sleeping through, her appetite has improved considerably and we now have a much healthier, happier little girl.

Ms C H - Surrey

Thank you so much for what you have done for me. Goodness knows what I'd be like now if I hadn't come to see you. The weight is still coming off, slowly but surely, and my strength and willpower amaze me!

Ms A B - Shropshire

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me come off anti-depressants and for treating my depression in a natural way. Thanks to your precise diagnosisrecommendations, I feel back to my old self! The depression lifting is the most obvious positive outcome from your advice. However, I have also experienced an increase to my energy levels, a boost to my digestive system, relief from itchy skin and no more mouth ulcers! Family and friends have also commented on how healthy I look. So thank you very much for helping me get back on…

Mrs J S - Surrey

I really had several problems when I first saw you, ranging from lethargy to most upsetting skin erruptions. Having followed the detoxification programme these problems were resolved and, as a bonus, I lost a stone in weight! Not bad for someone over sixty.

Mrs J P - Surrey

Thank you so much for helping me clear up my long term acne problem. The de-toxing diet that you put me on worked so well. After the first week I decided to be brave and come off the antibiotics that I have been taking for some four years, and to my great pleasure, my skin looked better than ever. This is the first time for about fourteen years that I have not treated my face with some form of tablet or cream. I am so happy! Thanks once again for your help…

Ms A H - Middlesex

As a teenager I had continuous problems with Anorexia and so to a certain extent, food and my stomach have always been the centre of my world. My symptoms included regular diarrhoea and abdominal pains (Irritable bowel Syndrome), faintness, acute thirst, fatigue and lack of energy, all of which eventually resulted in depression and a series of panic attacks. When I first met Ann Shaw, I had dark circles under my eyes, pale skin (which had a hint of green!) and absolutely no energy. She immediately tested me for various food intolerances and we discovered that dairy products, wheat…

Ms S G - London

My problem was constipation. I am 27 years old and have had the disorder for at least 10 years. I was overweight, felt tired all the time, listless, unmotivated, my skin was in poor condition and mentally I was drained. Doctors kept prescribing 'Fybogel' to relieve my symptoms and told me I would have to take it for life.... Over three months later I have no more problems going to the toilet, have lost over one stone in weight and maintained it. I feel a new person. I have started circuit training, running and weight training and still have…

Ms L L - Ashford

I suddenly had loads of energy, no diarrhoea and I lost a stone in weight. I feel better now than I've felt in years. I have a full time job as a teacher and live a normal, busy, active life - all of which is down to my change of diet and ultimately to Ann Shaw. Thank you!

Ms S G - London

Thank you so much for your work with my son. He was 4 when I brought him to you and had recently been doing longer days at Nursery. He had seemed run down, darker under the eyes and colds were harder to shift. His whole back and the back of his knees were covered in extremely dry skin, it was like sandpaper. He also had impetigo developing around the corner of one side his mouth. We had tried antibiotics to my regret, as they only seemed to make matters worse. Then we came to you. Within 2 days…

Mrs S R - Surrey